care for details

how it’s made


Distinctive feature of the brand, the selvage (Line) personalizes the back pocket and the fifth pocket.


The button and the rivets are made of pure copper: this material tends to oxidise and change over the time accompanying the natural ageing process of jeans. Thanks to particular printing techniques the cotton flower logo designed on the button will be visible only after the items have been well worn.


This was a raw (untreated) denim. Care label suggests taking on raw jeans as long as possible before washing, so that it becomes as it appears here. It takes on the features of the person wearing it.

chain stitch

The chain stitch hemming is made by means of a special sewing machine and it is intentionally longer.



Care label @ white

Care label, TRC Candiani, Martelli and We Do present “La tradizione, il valore, il bello”.

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