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The care with which we work is crucial for us. That’s why we put it in our name.
Care for the research of the top selvage denim and all the other materials used.
Attention to details, which make our jeans unmistakable. Care for a product that might mean something new and different for each person who wears it.

The silk-screen prints inside, pure copper buttons which oxidize with time, the brand’s contrasting colors are all part of the infinite ways of being a Carelabelist.

Le stampe in serigrafia all’interno, i bottoni in puro rame che si ossidano col tempo, i colori del brand a contrasto sono tutti parte di infiniti modi di essere un Carelabelist.


Our story is a pattern of choices, passion, opportunities, where time leaves its traces. These are the signs of the encounters, of the rushes we have made to chase our dreams.
The traces of when we sat down to take our breath. Of when we jumped to our feet to not miss the train passing by. To give our opinion so different from the rest of the crowd.
The folds of time spent for that difficult choice. For that outcome that had to be exactly how we wanted it to be.

The tracks of an embrace where we found our shelter. Certain that it would welcome us like all the other times. Grooves that follow our changes and tell the evolution of our personalities. Life is our fabric. We decide what shape and cut we prefer. We wear it in the outside world, as a sign of our own identity.